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Submission Guidelines - General Guidance

One of the objectives is to set up the largest library of Advaita books in the Western world (at least). This will be pursued in a gradual way, aiming to obtain books and provide subsequent reviews of those books at the website. Obviously, in order for this to be achievable, there will need to be many reviewers. The way in which this is intended to operate is as follows:

  • The website will contain a complete list of all of the books currently held by the library, in the process of being ordered or planned to be purchased;
  • Invited reviewers will eventually be able to check this list at any time at the website or download a PDF copy of the latest version;
  • If they know of a book that they would like to read which is not on the list, they can email AA requesting the book;
  • If they want to read any book on the list (whether already held by AA or not), provided it has not already been reviewed or ‘booked’ by another reviewer, they will be able to ‘request’ the book for review;
  • AA will purchase the book and have it sent directly to the reviewer’s address;
  • The reviewer reads the book and writes a review;
  • Subsequent books may not be requested until a review for the current book has been sent and accepted. Reviewers should aim for a reading speed of at least 200 pages per month;
  • The required content and standards for writing reviews are provided in a separate document. Note that these are not intended to stifle the creativity of the reviewer, but simply ensure that the key points that potential readers might want to know have been covered;
  • The reviewer emails his review to AA for linking to the book on the website;
  • The reviewer keeps the book as ‘payment’ for the review (AA will purchase library copies separately.) and AA will additionally pay the reviewer a sum for each book reviewed. This payment will be $100 minus the cost of the book and postage;
  • If a reviewer sees a book on the list, which they have already read but which does not yet have a review, they can elect to provide a review without receiving another copy. However, because they will not have to expend any time and effort reading the book and because the review will also not be to our agreed standard, the payment will only be $50;
  • Reviewers are also invited to donate or offer to sell books to AA, providing they relate to Advaita Vedanta, are in good condition and not already held (or on order) by AA. This could also include tracking down, for example, out-of-print books in India;
  • Although the emphasis is very much on traditional Advaita (according to Shankara), recognized scriptures and commentaries, the library will also hold books written by or about all teachers from the formative stages of Advaita philosophy, up to Gaudapada and then down to modern sages, academics, satsang teachers and neo-Advaitin non-teachers;
  • All participants will be asked to open a Paypal account to facilitate transfer of funds. Other methods of payment will not be considered.